Monday, 16 May 2016

Mineral Monday

Happy Monday everyone!  Here at Seawall Fibres we are planning on showing a new yarn colourway and it's inspiration every Monday so you all can see the workings behind how we come up with our unusual colourways.

This being our inaugural Mineral Monday we decided to tackle our signature trio called Seawall Flame Agate.  This set includes Banded Seawall, Seawall Beach and Seawall Sand.

First of all a little history on the area!

Nova Scotia is full of iconic landmarks- Peggy’s Cove, the Cabot Trail- and the Seawall on St. Mary’s Bay is right there with them.

Think about it, 300 million years ago, if you had been standing in front of the Seawall, you would have been in Africa AND near the equator! Then the continents started drifting and eventually part of Africa slammed into Nova Scotia.

The seawall is a reddish brown area of sandstone sediments, butting up against the basalt massif that formed when part of the sediments sank to form a rift valley.

Today, the Seawall stands as a silent sentinel for mariners plying the waters of St. Mary’s Bay and creates a spectacular colour palette that changes with the position of the sun. In the early morning, it is dark and mysterious but in the afternoon, it is defiantly red showing all its details.

With our seawall trio, we attempt to capture a small part of the beauty which presents itself during a typical day.

We hope that someday you will be able to experience this awesome destination first hand but if not, this beautiful yarn will let you knit its natural beauty.

How do you think we did?


  1. This is just an amazing combo. Beautiful!

  2. Love this - I'm looking forward to learning something new every post!

  3. The trio is lovely. Great job!