Monday, 23 May 2016

Mineral Monday - Malachite

Copper burns with a green flame.  I know this because my dad's friend Ted Lazare melted his glasses proving this point in the Mansfield Tavern 50 years ago (he was using the frames to hold the penny in the flame - evidently forgetting another copper trait - it's an excellent conductor of heat!)

This is important because malachite contains a lot of copper and that leads to its beautiful green colour.  It is so beautiful that it is used as a gem stone and to produce awesome pieces of art.

Malachite vase in Hermitage museum, Petersburg, Russia
Since malachite is formed by chemical precipitation it often contains amazingly intricate patterns of various shades of green, constantly varying from dark to light, creating spectacular colourways!

I have to admit I am quite partial to the colour green so I challenged myself to find a way to express this gorgeous stone in yarn. 

Malachite Trio on Pumice base

The three yarns pictured above make up our Malachite trio.  The variegated Malachite is supported and enhanced by the lighter oxidized copper (bright green) and the Midnight.  The three work spectacularly together but each are stunning enough on their own to stand alone.

What do you think?  Did I do it?