Tuesday, 12 July 2016

We have reopened!

Due to what we were told was the pending Canada Post strike we had shut down our etsy store and were waiting with baited breath to hear what was going to happen.

Well it seems like the two sides are back at the negotiating table and postal service is still going on so we have decided to reopen for now and just keep a close eye on things. 

So head on over to Seawall Fibres and check out our lovelies!  Also keep your eyes and ears open, we will be having a huge restock next week at the latest!

Also apologies for not having Mineral Monday for a couple of weeks.  We have had some family health issues but things should be back on track!

Don't forget if you are in the Digby area to drop into the Artist's Mark shop.  There not only will you be able to fondle the scrumptious yarn (yeah, we know you do that!) but you will be able to see the wonderful stones and minerals being cut and polished by the ever so talented stone guy and some gorgeous purses, paintings and wearable pieces of art by the amazing in house artist!