Tuesday, 27 September 2016

We're back!

Well summer is finally over and what a summer it was.  We weren't very active on here and I do apologize for that.  But we were keeping busy don't you worry!

I had the chance to spend a wonderful month in the beautiful province of Nova Scotia, visiting with family and friends.  Any time I get to spend on the neck in Digby is wonderful!

We had so much fun combing the beach over and over again in search of the elusive (to me at least since everyone else seems to be able to find it all over!) amethyst, and even though it took the whole month I finally found some!  We found tons of agates and other stones and minerals....enough to keep the rock guy pretty happy all winter I believe!

We had some spectacular meals....oh who am I kidding, all the meals were spectacular!  Vickie at the Artist's Mark is quite the chef!

For years Vickie has been trying to get me out of my comfort zone in the studio and has goaded and prodded me to finally let go of my anal retentive and OCD ways and just let loose.  So this summer I got to turn the tables on her and got her to dye her very own yarn.  It was hysterical to see how scared and nervous she was....but after a pretty intense hand painting experience (yes she sat there with a tiny little brush and tried to get the dye to do according to her bidding....silly Vickie, don't you know the dye is the boss not you?) the inner scientist came out and before you knew it she was mixing her colours and adding a little bit of this and a dash of that and honestly came up with some pretty spectacular yarn!  Of course they are OOAK as there is no way I will ever be able to replicate what she did, even with her notes!  But at the end of the day everyone was pretty happy with the results and we may even have a budding indie dyer on our hands!

We ended our trip with a terrific whale watch....anyone who gets out that way must do it!  We had a blast and saw some very active humpback whales!

So much has been happening behind the scenes here at Seawall Fibres and I promise now that fall has arrived I will be posting more regularly and will get everyone up to date with all the great news!

I will sign off for now but check back in a day or two so you can hear about the wonderful collaborations we have been busy with here at Seawall Fibres.

And if you are itching for a yarn fix, there are some very yummy squishy yarns available online at www.seawallfibres.etsy.com and in the Artist's Mark store if you are fortunate enough to be local or in the area!  New colours are coming in the next week so keep checking in!

Ta ta for now everybody!

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  1. Thank you for the kind words, but no, I'll leave the dying in your capable hands!!! Painting abstract mixed media canvases is a breeze compared to what you indie dyers do! It would probably be easier to control the wind than the yarn dying process, lol. Thanks so much for the hands-on experience, though.