Monday, 6 June 2016

Mineral Monday - Bay of Fundy Agate

Bay of Fundy Agate

Through a geological quirk, The Bay of Fundy area of Nova Scotia has become world famous for its agate. In fact, there are varieties of agate found here that simply don’t exist elsewhere!

The whole north mountain range that runs right behind our Artist’s Mark Shop is a basalt massif that runs all along the Fundy Shore from Blomidon to the tip of Brier Island. Originally, it was molten and when it cooled, cracks formed. (Interestingly, if the basalt cooled quickly enough, gas bubbles got trapped before they could get to the surface and became “frozen” in the hardened rock. There are some beautiful examples of this in the shop).

Since nature abhors a vacuum, these cracks and bubbles eventually were filled by material carried by and precipitated from hot, pressurized, silicate solutions as they cooled. So agate is a silicate. The beautiful colors and patterns are caused by the different impurities carried in the solution, which change over time. Since there is a lot of iron in this area, you find beautiful banding ranging from black to red/ orange/ brown and even yellow!

Agate is so hard and beautiful that it can be polished and made into awesome jewelry and if you stop by our shop or visit the blog you can see some gorgeous examples.

Matching yarn color to this was a priority for us as we felt it was important to showcase the beauty that can only be found here.  Nature is amazing and we can only try to imitate it, never getting it perfect, but I think we came close!

Bay of Fundy Agate

Golden Flame Agate Trio

What do you think?  Did we nail it?

Check these beauties out and other awesome yarns in our shop at  and if you can, please pop into our store The Artist's Mark on Digby Neck.  You won't be disappointed!

Yarn and stone display at The Artist's Mark

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